Architecture & Engineering

With our team of architectural designers and civil engineers, we offer many design services to clients looking forward to carrying out loft conversions, home extensions, refurbishment and many other types of building work.

Structural Design

We offer a variety of structural design services including structural investigation, reports, planning, design and method to find optimal structural choices.

CDM Health/Safety

Our team has appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and training in integrating health and safety into the project from the start. We identify potential risks as soon as possible and eliminate, reduce or control them.

Blend of Expertise & Experience

With data-driven strategies, we believe in creating long-lasting architecture that is supported by sustainability on all fronts.

We listen to your ideas and interpret them to deliver a solution that is tailored to your exact needs. Be it residential, commercial, hospitality or healthcare, Trikon Developments functions across a diverse range of industry sectors and has been part of some of the world-class projects across the UK.

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Why choose us?

Trikon Developments strives to help its clients save time and money, optimise return on investments, and minimise the risk involved. Our expert knowledge and long-lasting experience with a passion to deliver excellence have helped us develop a wide and repetitive Client base.

A building consultant is a professional who is well-versed in construction management and helps the client with both specific and general tasks, to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of the building. This usually starts at the pre-planning stage before a structure is even constructed. A building consultant’s job is to minimise risk and manage liability. Finding the right and experienced building consultancy to work with will make sure that your project is always in safe hands.

A quantity surveyor is a project manager of a building and civil engineering project. Their role is to look after all the financial aspects of the project including monitoring the project from the get-go, calculating figures, and making sure that it stays within the defined budget while also holding to the timeline in terms of completion date. Quantity surveyors are an integral part of conducting a building survey and assist with the technicalities that arise within the project.

Cost control in Project Management is the function of supervising and managing project expenses while also preparing for potential financial risks. This is the project manager's responsibility. Cost control involves planning, managing the budget, and preparing for potential risks. Risks, when not taken care of, can set the project back and sometimes even incur unexpected expenses. A project manager will anticipate such setbacks and save you time and potentially, money.

Trikon Developments has developed a network of construction experts to give our clients the highest level of construction planning advice possible. Standalone Contractors, Architects, or Engineers will excessively overcharge you, and also add unforeseen charges in the middle of construction. This is where Trikon Developments steps in and strategically plans and manages your project, saving time and money.

Trikon Developments highly advises clients to work with a construction consulting company like ours before planning any type of large scale construction project. We protect your interests and ensure that you get access to construction professionals with a high level of experience, and expertise. We partner with construction and real estate experts throughout the project giving our clients the most cutting edge construction planning and management advice possible.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in our factory.

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