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Architecture & Engineering

Our team of licensed architects and designers offer adaptable services ranging from drawing extension plans for planning permission to a complete design for new build service.

  • From idea to completion, architectural services for a wide range of building projects.
  • Deep understanding of construction practices and economics
  • Site analysis and survey with asbestos testing, and load testing for existing buildings.
  • Corporate industrial, private residential, and small domestic projects
  • From residential properties, commercial offices and healthcare infrastructure to luxury hotels, we work within your budget and requirements
  • Whether new or existing place, we do space planning and interior fit-outs with a collaborative team of architects and interior designers
  • Preparing construction blueprints/drawings, notes, technical specifications necessary for bidding, and construction.
  • We will take your project through the permitting process in any major city or town in the UK

The balance of expertise and experience is critical in achieving innovative designs and this is what makes us a leading architectural design solutions provider in the UK.


The first objective is to get together and determine a brief proposal with the overall project vision with the client. We thoroughly discuss the scope of work, purpose, features and functionality with you. Whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare or hospitality, our team then will provide an estimation cost followed by a full quotation of services.

Schematic Design

In this phase, we conduct surveys of the existing conditions of the property and prepare high-level base drawings to illustrate the basic concepts of the design. While preparing the scheme drawings we list out your wishes and requirements and take your opinion into consideration whilst also completing the research of local compliance and regulations at this time.

Design Development

We finalize the design in this phase specifying items such as general structural details including matters, door and window locations. We deliver overall floor plans with dimensions, interior wall dimensions, structural grid dimensions, wall sections, additional building sections, and additional details based on designed products.

Construction Drawings

Now that we have the final design in hand, we begin preparing a construction blueprint that will be used by construction contractors. The floor plans are fully annotated with general and detailed notes. Plumbing plans, HVAC plans, electrical power and light plans are all integrated with schedules, details, and notes.

Building Control and Construction

Once the design is finally agreed upon by the client, a full set of drawings, reports, and maps will be submitted to the local planning department for approval. Having obtained planning approval, we then submit it to the Building Control approval to ensure that the designs comply with existing building regulations in terms of structure, ventilation, fire escapes, soundproofing etc.
Finally, the construction is underway!
During this phase, the construction will undergo as per the design intent. If any alterations are demanded by the client, we discuss those changes comprehensively and see to it that they are compatible with the client’s vision.

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