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Commercial Contractors

Trikon Developments is a full-service commercial contracting firm that specialises in delivering specialised construction services to a variety of industries, including banking, retail, leisure, industrial, and health care. We can handle all areas of your construction contract, from project and programme management to new projects and site expansions. Regardless of the kind of commercial work in the UK, we collaborate with local authorities to ensure that all applicable planning regulations are understood and fulfilled.

    Our Commercial Construction Process

    • Initial Consultation

      We’ll arrange a meeting between you and a member of our staff to discuss your ideas and provide recommendations on how to proceed. Following a successful first meeting, we will develop a brief defining the project’s objectives, including construction requirements, sustainability aspirations, and other critical project requirements, before initiating the project.

    • Design

      Before beginning the process of creating a master design, we’ll construct a series of layout drawings based on our discussions with you and the results of the survey. Following the completion of the Design Phase, we will be able to give advice on project viability, which may involve undertaking the Project Pricing and Cost Analysis.

    • Planning Permissions

      We will handle all of the necessary documentation, form filing, and third-party liaison on your behalf. Following a successful application for planning clearance, our next step will be to submit complete working drawings for Building Control approval as well as construction support to the client.

    • Design Management

      We’ll construct a revised design that incorporates the most current and coordinated structural and building service proposals, as well as detailed specifications, cost data, and project plans aligned with the original design programme. Included are not just furniture and technological design but also ideas and layouts.

    • Construction

      The construction phase will commence and every minute detail will be addressed on-site by construction workers who follow the construction schedule and are trained in the latest health and safety procedures.

    • Handover

      Upon certifying that all contractual duties, including any additional responsibilities, have been fulfilled, we shall give over the site to you and transfer ownership to you.

    Our Commercial Construction Services

    At Trikon Developments, we take pleasure in our comprehensive commercial service since we are capable of delivering on all levels. Our staff is always available to assist you with your commercial construction requirements, and even after the project is complete, we continue to provide unmatched customer care and support.

      • Commercial Building Refurbishment

        Our commercial refurbishing service is designed to provide our clients with a first-class experience that elevates their commercial facility. Our team of professionals can assist you to select the best design or particular work necessary that you have in mind. We pay attention to every detail and rely on our professionals to complete the task to the high standards our clients have come to expect. So, whether you need an extra room or just want to bring your building up to date, this is the solution for you.

      • Commercial New Build Development

        A new commercial structure will create a lasting impact on customers and staff. Our professionals can oversee your project from start to completion. Starting with your original ideas, producing thorough plans and drawings, and then starting construction. Assuring a new construction that meets your individual demands, our devoted team of building specialists will take on every aspect of the project. We have worked with schools, local companies, and other organisations to create new builds that meet their needs.

      • Commercial Property Maintenance

        We recognise that properties need to be maintained and that small repairs are required to keep them up to code. Our property care service keeps your property and business functioning smoothly. We offer a specialised crew to fulfil all your maintenance requirements from contracts to one-off tasks. Our small building works service focuses on speed and efficiency while keeping high standards. This service is based on our knowledge and experience, ensuring that your home looks and functions as you want.

      • Commercial Construction Advice

        We recognise that our clients might need some professional counsel. If you’re thinking about making changes to your commercial property or if you’re experiencing any kind of issue, we’re here to help. To make an educated choice, you can count on us to give you the right counsel, assistance, and information. Because we value our clients, you can count on us to be here when you need us.

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      We handle all commercial projects effectively, regardless of their size, which enables us to meet your unique needs and expectations. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Trikon Developments. and come in for a no-obligation consultation. Our team would be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about the process before giving you an estimate for commercial construction projects.

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