Cost Management / Quantity Surveyor

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Cost Management / Quantity Surveyor

Trikon Developments objective as Cost Management and Quantity Surveyor is to provide accurate, reliable, and independent cost assessment about the feasibility of a proposal. Our exceptional technical knowledge helps you control the budget of your construction project, providing added value and risk mitigation throughout the completion stage.

  • Cost Planning & Estimating
  • Project Management services including managing design reporting, and contract services.
  • Cash flow management and financial reporting during construction
  • Tender Preparation and Procurement Advice
  • Contractual Advice
  • Risk Management
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Employer's Agent (EA) will be appointed to represent interesting pre and post contracts.

Cost Planning and Estimating

Our cost planning and estimating are detail-oriented. Our expert cost managers assess the cost, viability, and return on investment. We prepare preliminary estimates based on preliminary designs, do comparative cost studies and advice on cost-effective design solutions, and advise on material selection as we move along.

Design Development Stage

Our design team obtains economically viable design solutions through value engineering and value management involving cost studies, cost comparisons and life cycle cost analysis.

Value Management

Trikon Developments provides a planned value management process dedicated to the improvement of the value obtained in capital expenditure. This is accomplished by encouraging creative and lateral thinking for better value solutions. The integration of value management with cost management results in a powerful approach to the economic management of projects, especially during the design process.

Contractual Advice

Construction contract management and advice is one of the core elements of Trikon Developments cost consultancy services. It is an important component in any dispute resolution that looks forward to achieving an amicable and satisfactory result. We provide a wide range of contract advisory services to our clients.

Tender Preparation and Procurement Advice

Based on experience and expertise, in preparing a tender for our clients, Trikon Developments advises clients on the most appropriate form of tender. Our consultants will prepare bid documents, advise on project procurement, review, and recommend the appointment of contractors. We procure materials on behalf of the client and benchmark costs.

Bills of Quantities

To promote the formulation of a reasonable contract price and eliminate any unforeseen risks, Trikon Developments uses bills of quantities for contracting and tendering.
The design team’s specifications and drawings are translated into a detailed document according to the rules of the standard method of measurements. This is then issued to each contractor for pricing purposes which enables them to estimate pricing on exactly the same basis as other competitors. The Bill of Quantities document plays a critical role in any contract disputes and is also used to determine interim payments and settlement of the final account with the assigned contractor.

Risk Management

Throughout all the phases of the construction project, we assess, evaluate, and quantify various risks involved, to assist our clients in better decision-making and budget control. We take into account the expertise of the parties in handling the risk, the monetary value of the risk with the size of the contract, and which party is in a better position to control the risk.

Dispute Resolution Services

With construction procurement in itself a complex process, disputes and contractual claims are sometimes unavoidable. We recognise the need for expert knowledge and specialized skill sets to address such issues and offer strategic management advice, mediation, litigation support, arbitration, and expert witness services.

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