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Refurbishment & Maintenance

Trikon Developments employs highly skilled and experienced tradespeople that specialise in refurbishment and maintenance expertise across all industries, as well as scheduled and ongoing maintenance to serve our clients every step of the way. Along with offering a comprehensive customised refurbishment and maintenance service, we also handle projects including the expansion of existing structures, the re-roofing and re-cladding of existing buildings, brick and blockwork construction, and door and window retrofitting, and ancillary work.

    Our Refurbishment & Maintenance Process

    • Initial Consultation

      We will spend time getting to know you, your property, and your goals for the refurbishment. Our staff will spend time speaking with you and determining the best way to accomplish what you want with the space while staying within your budget.

    • Design

      We will conduct a space survey and generate a thorough computer-aided design (CAD) layout of the inside. Following that, our space planning experts and project managers will work with you to bring your refurbishment design to reality!

    • Environmental Compliance

      By refurbishing your property, we can assist you in reusing recycled materials or renewable resources, thereby contributing to more efficient energy use.

    • Implementation

      Using the blueprints we’ve drawn out, our team of office fitters will finish your refurbishment on schedule and within your budget. Refurbishment projects that need our presence as well as yours will usually be completed with minimum inconvenience.

    • Project management

      All refurbishment and maintenance, as well as any new equipment installations, will be overseen by a member of our project management team. This person will be responsible for ensuring that all norms and regulations are followed.

    • Handover

      Upon completion, your project manager will inspect each area to ensure it meets our exacting requirements and hand over the site to you.

    Our Refurbishment & Maintenance Services Includes:

    Everything from routine building maintenance to major structural changes, such as additions or conversions, can be handled by our team. As a result, we will perform your maintenance or refurbishment project following the established time and cost parameters.

    • Routine Building Repair and Building Maintenance Work

      Structures need a certain level of maintenance to look their best, maintain a secure atmosphere, and fulfil their original purpose. Our building maintenance technicians undertake routine inspections to identify areas that need care and then do the necessary tasks.

    • Electrical Maintenance

      Electrical installations are made safe by having them installed and maintained by licensed individuals such as us. You can count on us to inspect the installation on a regular basis and to keep an accurate record of such activity.

    • Mechanical Maintenance

      Plumbing and heating are covered as part of the comprehensive range of mechanical maintenance services that we provide. We are able to take on any task, from locating the source of leaks and repairing them to addressing more sophisticated plumbing and heating issues.

    • Preventive Maintenance

      We perform preventive building maintenance to keep structural components from deteriorating due to mildew, insect assault, water damage, high use, unintentional damage, and other factors.

    • Protective Maintenance

      Some surfaces need more than a superficial evaluation, such as cleaning and painting. Steel surfaces, such as stairways, entry pathways, awnings, and other aesthetic components, need protection from the weather and the application of an appropriate coating to avoid rust and degradation. We conduct regular inspections and apply protective coatings that are required for structural components such as beams and pillars.

    Some of our refurbishment and maintenance services include:

    • Pre-paint repairs
    • Door and window replacements
    • Roof and roofline repairs
    • Re-cladding / re-rendering
    • Lighting and re-wiring
    • Access and security systems
    • Fire safety systems
    • Joinery and masonry repairs
    • Hard landscaping repair and maintenance

    Building maintenance is no problem for our professionals, who have received extensive training in all facets of construction and contracting. All of our staff are well-versed in the proper repairs and replacements for drywall, FRP, and even minor electrical and plumbing issues.

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    As a house owner or manager, you want your property or facility to be welcoming and well-maintained, but you probably don’t have the time to do so. Trikon Developments steps in to fill the gap. Unlike many contractors, we work directly with a design and construction team. Everything, including the project release date, has been meticulously planned and executed. Please contact Trikon Developments if you have any questions. and join us for a free consultation. We will be pleased to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process before providing you with an estimate for maintenance and refurbishment services for residential, commercial or industrial projects.

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