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Residential Building Construction

Residential construction planning and development is a complex process. All of our residential building construction services including design, planning approval, building, landscaping, and other services. are supported by in-depth market information, and decades of hands-on experience. Every member of our team is committed to environmental sustainability. The most efficient and long-term strategy is what we strive for in all of our endeavours, which is why we establish clear, measurable objectives for each new residential project.

    Our Residential Building Construction Process

    Consultation and Initial Brief

    We’ll set up a meeting with you and a member of our team to go through your ideas and provide suggestions on how to proceed. After the successful first consultation, we will create a brief outlining the goals of the project including build requirements, sustainability ambitions, as well as other key project needs, before beginning the project.

    Concept Design

    Based on our interactions with you and the information from the survey, we will create a series of layout drawings that we will present to you for input and approval before moving ahead with the creation of a master plan. Following the conclusion of the Design Phase, we may be able to provide advice on project feasibility, which may include conducting the Project Pricing & Cost Analysis

    Planning Permissions

    We’ll take care of all the paperwork, form-filling, and third-party interfacing on your behalf. Our next step will be to provide detailed working drawings for Building Control approval and construction assistance after a successful application for planning permission.

    Design Management

    We will create the evolved design that includes coordinated and updated proposals for structural and building services as well as outline specifications, cost information, and project strategies that are following the design programme. This includes concepts and layouts as well as furniture and technical design.


    Onsite construction is in line with the construction schedule, as well as on-site resolution of design problems as they emerge, including project management, design management, cost management, and health and safety.

    Handover and closeout

    We will hand over the site to you as soon as the contract administration has certified that all work mentioned in the contracts, including any extra obligations, has been accomplished.

    Our Residential Building Construction Process

    Residential Building Services

    It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is; city councils, housing associations, and the communities we serve know they can count on us to provide high-quality, on-time, and budget building solutions every time.

    Restoration & Refurbishment

    We can design, construct, and manage the whole project from start to end, whether you’re wanting to remodel one or two rooms or your entire home.
    Among the experienced tradespeople who work with us on a full-time basis are carpenters, joiners, plumbing and electrical technicians, as well as decorators.

    Basement Conversions

    The design, excavation, waterproofing, tanking, building, fit-outs, and refurbishment of existing cellars and basements are all components of a custom basement conversion that we can take care of.

    Major Projects and Minor Works

    We are professionals in the delivery, management, and coordination of Projects and Minor Works, which include flooring, roofing, mechanical and electrical services, fencing, drainage, landscaping, and other related services.

    Construction Management & Project Administration

    Our Construction managers (CMs) are responsible for monitoring all aspects of residential construction projects, from the planning stages through the completion of a single-family residence or a residential complex. They will help set goals, examine feasibility and budget, decide timetables, help develop performance standards, and assist owners in selecting teams, from architects to contractors to insurers.

    Pre-Construction Services

    During the early phases of the design process, our construction manager will collaborate with the owner, designer, and engineers. By working together upfront, it is possible to have a better idea of the project’s budget, timeline, and potential snags before the design phase is complete and construction starts.


    We work as passionate partners with our residential clients to help them achieve their sustainability objectives. Using energy-saving, responsible material usage, construction waste management and recycling, and water conservation as a priority, we can provide projects that are really environmentally sustainable.

    Be it new house construction, home additions, property renovation, exterior repairs, or groundworks, Residential construction is our area of speciality. This includes some of the most complex custom projects in London and Home Counties postcodes. As a competent residential construction company, we recognise that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Consequently, we work on big and small projects alike, using the same strong work ethic to all of our home construction projects.

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